About Us


It all started when the company’s founder of Barrette et Fils, Mr. Jean-Isidore Barrette, was hired as an electrician at Riverbend’s Price factory, which led to the founding of his own company, Barrette & Fils ltée in 1939, Alma’s main electrical contractor and the first to be located in the local industrial area. Mr. Barrette’s first jobs included contracts for private homes and the repair of household appliances.

Since then, Barrette et Fils ltée has acquired considerable expertise in the aluminum and the pulp and paper industries, and in hydroelectric plants through projects such as the construction of one of the first major dams to be built in the province of Quebec and located in Péribonka, which was carried out in the sixties when Barrette et Fils ltée had a team of over one hundred employees assigned to this project.

Mission, vision and values


The company has been able to maintain throughout its 75 years of existence with three main values : competence, quality and service.

Recognized for several years, we have earned the trust of our many clients such as :

Alcan • Bell Canada • Énergie électrique Québec • Hydro-Québec • Nav Canada • Nexacor • Transport Québec • Transports Canada • Et plusieurs autres

Through our commitment to continuous improvement, our company is always expanding and growing. It is thanks to a distinct concept that we can offer our customers a complete range of top-quality products and services in the field of electricity at very competitive prices. Over the years, we have created an image of excellence with regard to both our personalized service and our qualified staff.

Our Team

The staff at Barrette et Fils ltée is highly specialized and experienced.

Our team is led mainly by :

Mr. Éric Bilodeau, master electrician, is employed by Barrette et fils ltée since November 1989. He is the CEO of the company. He oversees the Department of tenders. He serves on the board of directors and served as an estimator and project manager and the customer service.

Mr. Philippe Simard, CGA, graduated from the University of Quebec at Chicoutimi, served as vice president and CFO of the company since April 27, 1998. He is responsible for implementing administrative directives. He serves on the board of directors and also participates in the preparation of bids.

Mr. Pierre Gagnon, master electrician and general contractor, is employed by Barrette et fils ltée since 1996. New shareholder of the company since January 2009, it is with enthusiasm that he is working on the continuity of the success of the company. He serves as an estimator and project manager. He is also the Director of Human Resources for the hiring of new electricians.


The company specializes in turnkey projects : our expertise covers the electrical design for various buildings all the way to the installation and commissioning of all electrical components as well as airfield lighting systems.

Our company’s expertise includes :

  • The installation of automatic control equipment and panels.
  • Instrumentation.
  • The programming of controls and programmable controllers.
  • Telemeasuring.

We also specialize in the automation of production machinery and security systems for buildings; also, to counteract ever-growing energy costs, we have become experts in energy management.